About The Plots Thicken Pool

The Plots Thicken Pool was formerly an invitation only pool for a small group of friends. It has been running since July of 2017 and has proven to be stable and is now open for use by all $BURST miners.

To mine using our pool, use the following settings in your miner configuration:
• 1) Use your favorite burst wallet to set your Reward Recipient to: BURST-BMUQ-69DF-4SWG-EPPLK
• 2) Miner Configuration: Mining Mode to: Pool
• 3) Miner Configuration: Server/Updater Address to: pool.plotsthicken.com - Port 8124
• 4) Miner Configuration: Target/Max Deadline to: 345600

Payout Structure:
Unlike most other pools, our pool pays out based on the total block income (block reward PLUS block fees). A 2% pool fee is taken off the top to cover the costs of running the pool. Running the pool costs us money out of pocket every month, but our pool offers transparency not currently avaialble on other pools and has other customized features that make it worth the cost of operation to us.

Remaining payout is as follows:
5% to the Block Forger
20% to those who submitted valid deadlines on the block, scaled by the deadline submitted vs the winning deadline
75% Historic to those who have submitted within the previous 500 blocks, based on the compared cumulative average of deadlines submitted.

Payouts are sent daily at approximately 9:00 AM CST (-600) using the new Multi-Out transactions, greatly reducing transaction fees per payout. To be included in payout, your owed balance must be 20 BURST or more. If it isn't, your balance will carry over until it reaches 20 BURST and then will get paid the following day.

Payouts for a forged block are calculated and displayed on the main pool page once 20 blocks have passed to ensure our pool actually forged the block and is not mining on a small fork at the time of forging.

Other Considerations: The PoCC has requested that miners diversify their pool usage, which is why we have decided to open the pool to all miners.

Our payout algorithm has been written to be as fair as possible to miners of all sizes, but with the 4 day maximum deadline you probably don't want to mine here unless you have at least 20 TB online.

Our pool runs on a dedicated Google Cloud server and currently runs at < 1% utilization. The pool hardware can easily be scaled in real-time to facilitate additional users.

Our main display page shows a 100 block history of all submissions so you can easily see what submissions you had, and how close you were to winning at any time. Only the best submission from each miner is displayed (and used for payout calculations). Additional submissions appear as a +X number next to the miner's name.

The Pool Payouts & Statistics table at the bottom shows many things:
Pool User : The display name, or BURST ID of the account
Thickness / Sub% : The miner's estimated plot size online (based on last 500 blocks of submissions) and the % of blocks a valid deadline has been submitted for.
**Thickness is an estimate only and it is normal for some fluctuation based on mining "luck", however once you have been mining with the pool for 500 blocks, it should be close.
**Thickness and Submission % can be a good indicator to let you know if some of your plots are offline if the numbers drop below normal ranges.
Forged : The number of blocks the miner has forged with the pool (lifetime)
Pool Income : Income the pool has received from blocks forged by the miner (block reward PLUS block fees)
Pool Payouts : Income the miner has earned from the pool based on the payout factors listed above
I/P% : Income to Payout Percent - how much the pool has paid the miner compared to what the miner has earned for the pool.
**100% is the ultimate goal for everyone, but some fluctuation is normal if you have a hot or cold streak. In the end, with long term use, a perfect pool would pay you exactly what you earn, it's just more fun to hit blocks more often than solo mining for most people.
Paid : How much burst has actually been sent to the miner via confirmed burst transactions
Owed : How much burst is currently due to go out to the miner at the next payout